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Process of elimination

The story is now progressing after stumbling a little for the last couple of weeks.

When writing the story there could have been many routes to the conclusion of the film and we have been gradually eliminating them due to impracticalities, believing our characters wouldn't behave like that or just thinks that would’t make sense.

Now that a lot of the routes have been eliminated it has given a clearer path to the conclusion. There are still some forks in the road to decide on, but we are getting ever closer to the end.

And once we have the fully mapped out story we can begin to fill in the gaps in the character profiles, before polishing off the story and then scripting the dialogue.  Still much to do.

Process of elimination


Further progress

So two weeks and sessions on from our last update and we have progress to report. 

The whole film revolves round an incident that occurred in the past(note the crypticism here!). In order to write about our characters’ journey we needed to be clear on this event which, at first thoughts was plain and simple but actually required a lot of detailed discussion for the pieces to fit together.

So, two weeks later we are about there, having explored every angle including Hindu and Buddhist philosophies as well as some very odd views on spirituality. No clues here!

In other news we have approached 2 potential cast members who, we are delighted to announce, have agreed to work on the script with us through improvisation sessions. If all gels and works out we would hope to use them in the actual film.

Further progress


One Step Closer

After another evening we're now one step closer to start writing our story.  

We spent the evening discovering who our two main characters are, what their back stories are and how they are both similar in many respects.  During our discussion more of the overall story is starting to form.  

We still have one major character to create and this will then form the basis of the ending.

After our first u-turn we are feeling positive about the story and the current direction we are taking.

One Step Closer


Another twist to the tale!

Well two weeks on from our last missive and the direction has changed somewhat. Lots of reasons and as we went away two weeks ago so positive about our thoughts, a great example of the need to dwell on thoughts and process all the potential difficulties and realities of filming. We both felt the story was not quite what we wanted so went back to the drawing board but kept some of our main objectives for filming.

This time we have a story which involves a long-standing idea we have had and at this moment in time seems a filmable and entertaining story with some nice twists and back story. I would like to give some spoilers but won’t as, guess what, it would spoil it. 

Next steps will be to flesh out the backgrounds of each character and then story outline before inviting people in to improvise around the scenes. This helps get an element of reality to scripting. 

We would like to show more and tell less in this film. In other words let the visuals tell the story a bit more rather than rely on dialogue. A more cinematic approach was discussed within the limitations of the equipment we have so that it feels more like a movie than a TV production. Time will tell but we definitely will need to go out to practice some of the techniques.

So, all in all a successful evening with steps in a more solid direction. No odds on whether this idea will change however.

Another twist to the tale!


Brain storming

After a summer break we are now starting planning our latest production for 2019.  

Yesterday evening we started with a blank sheet of paper and listed down the things we'd like to achieve and things we didn't want to do again as a starting point, things like, Multiple locations rather than single locaiton, less dialgoue, etc.  This drove various discussions and always we tend to go off topic.

By the end of the evening our blank sheet was less blank.  We now have the rough outline of our story.  Time will tell as to whether our initial ideas end up being the production we choose to do, but feel confident we have the spark we needed.

We will be aiming to use improvisation sessions again to help formulate some ideas and script, so if you in years 6, 7,8 or 9 and want to get involved in an improvisation session, please get in touch.

Brain storming