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Cutting Room Floor

Having now assembled the first pass and watched the film end to end it is now easier to spot any potential problems.

After some careful note taking, and a trim here and there, the film is now 5 minutes shorter.

We then repeat the process until we’re happy with the pace and flow of the film and to also make sure it makes sense, ie not cutting too much.

Having gone through the process of filming and now that we’re in the editing stage it makes me wonder how on the day of filming we miss so many things.  We use a big tv monitor so the whole crew can see what is being captured and yet we still manage to miss colour balance issues, focusing issues, sound issues and costuming errors.  Most of these will be lost in the edit but it still amazes me how these little things slip through.

Cutting Room Floor


First pass finished

The first round of editing is now complete.

We now have what was recorded on a timeline allowing us to watch for the first time the story unfold.  The editing at times is just a tennis match between the two main characters, where we see the picture of who is speaking and when the other character speaks we see them.  These are usually close ups and this is ultimately where the sound is formed from.

This has resulted in a 33 minute story which we can now watch. 

The next stage will be to see how the story is paced.  Do we need to cut bits out, do we need to add bits in, do we need to create more suspense, etc.  Once we have decided these things we’ll do a second pass, where we tidy and balance up the sound and add more interesting shots to the piece.

The final pass will be colour corrections and final tweaking…  A long way to go, but good progress has been made.


First pass finished


Half way

After many evenings work, editing has now progressed to just over half way of the script (approximately 14 minutes).  The second half is the slightly more interesting as the story starts to unfold.

At this stage the editing is quite rough in places and hardly any work has been done on the sound, so it isn’t the perfect piece yet.

It is important to have a rough cut to then decide how to pace of the film.  Once you get a feel for the film you can then go back and tidy up.  This often takes longer than the rough cut.

Whilst the next half is being edited we are beginning to think about the sound track and where this might go,  hopefully we can begin work on that in parallel, so we can get it finished in time for those important film competition deadlines.

Half way


Slow progress

So after a couple of weeks break, Editing has started.  

This is the point where you realise you have/haven't got all the footage you need or it would have been better if we'd have done this or that, etc.  The editors job is to work with what we recorded for better or worse.  All good fun.  It's like one big jigsaw puzzle, except many pieces fit!  

So far we've completed around 2 minutes of rough cut out of apprimately 30 minutes.  So just around another 28 evenings of work to go... 

It's looking good so far, time will tell how things progress...

Slow progress



It has recently come to our attention that one of our productions has been illegally copied to another You Tube channel and as a result You Tube has now taken appropriate action against the channel in question.

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