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Premiere Update

On Saturday December 8th we held our first ever screening of one of our productions in the Cinema.

We premiered our latest production Just Friends along with some other past productions to an invited audience of around 40 people.

Lindsay Townley said, "It was great to see our work on such a big screen. This was the first time I'd actually seen the finished film and thought it was pretty good."

The leading actress Sophie Purdie was not present at the screening as she was too nervous, but Darren Lalonde said, "I might be biased but, the film has turned out rather well considering the challenges we had and Sophie should be proud, she gave a good performance."

The film has now been sent off to the British International Amateur Film Festival and we expect the results back in early Spring.

Check out some photos of the event.

Premiere Update


Just Friends Premiere

After months of preperation, Just Friends is now ready for its premiere. The film is being shown along with past productions and other movies from film makers from around the world.

The premiere is being held at Cineworld, Huntingdon on Saturday 8th December at 10am. Tickets priced £10. This is a private event and tickets can only be bought from this site. Click here to buy tickets.



It's all easy!

Does is have to be this hard?

Filming is now well underway, with just over half complete.

We've had many upsets on the way, with actresses in tears, mixed up dates, cast dropping out, companies not returning our calls and really, really bad weather.

We've also had some excellent support from Cambridgeshire Police, Xscape in Milton Keynes, Medexpress and Hinchingbrooke Country Park

We anticipate finishing filming at the end of June, weather permitting, and then the editing, sound editing and music composing begins. Check out the gallery for pictures of the production so far.



Pro Boxer

Previous star, 'Tommy Martin' turns pro boxer.

Pro Boxer



The Letter - 5 star awards

The Letter wins 5 stars