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Monday evening, a new venue with sweets and freshly ground coffee and everyone ready to get deeper into the script. Oops a problem! 3/5 have left their scripts at home. So shared scripts and Darren relegated to playing with the new camera set up which is producing some awesome shots with depths of field to be gasped at.

These sessions give us the opportunities to fine-tune the way lines are delivered so that characters and backstories can be explored without having to spell them out directly to the audience. Leah and Sam are doing a fine job of taking the direction and getting inside the heads of their parts to convert them from words on a page to 3D people. There are times when a line hits the spot that the potential quality of the film can be seen.

We also managed to go over a number of scenes on location which really helped in developing the shots and blocking the action even to the point of where and when to look with each part of line.

It’s looking good!



Rehearsal #2

Last night was rehearsal number 2 and its starting to come together nicely!

Our actors are understanding their characters more and more and we're looking forward in helping them grow.

One thing we are seeing is that although it's written a certain way on the page, it's not always natural when said outloud. This is where we give the actors a chance to say how they feel about the line and work with them to help find a solution.

All in all its starting to become a bit more real to me!

Rehearsal #2


First rehearsal

Last night was the first chance we’d had to hear the script read aloud and performed.  I think all three writers were apprehensive as we’d spent so long developing the characters, stories, etc and we just wanted to see if what we’d written actually worked.

The first read though however didn’t deliver as we’d hoped.  As the scenes are quite short and a snappy to keep the pace of the film and sitting reading isn’t the same as going through the actions with the dialogue, so we rapidly started breaking each scene down line by line action by action and this really helped the actors and ourselves in bringing the characters and scenes alive.

We spent quite a while at one point with one line. “How did you know where I lived?”.  The more we analysed it the harder it became to see if this was right and if it was not right grammatically is this what people say.  I can’t remember the final outcome but we could always change it to “How did you get my address!”

Jess and I played a little with our cameras too.  Much more practice is required, but some promising results.

Overall a great evenings work.  I think we’re all feeling that little more confident about it all.





First rehearsal



I don't even know what to write but I've got to get the post in within 2 days so I can beat Lindsay!

Last night we drove around scouting for filing locations. For simplicity we are trying to turn our small town St Neots into our main destination. We are close to seeing our main characters and having our first read-through as a group, for me as a first timer with Channel 7, I'm both excited at nervous! Hopefully we've managed to create characters that will be believed in and enjoyed by you all! 





With a near completed script and the process entered into Darren’s awesome data base this session was to look at timings and locations. Filming times were agreed and sessions manipulated by Darren to fit into about 8 days. 

Then to locations. Google maps and street view comes in very handy allowing us to look at places on the computer before going out to recce. This is planned for next week with a drive round to firm up the options we have given ourselves.

With rehearsals scheduled to start the Monday after bank holiday time is running out to do all we would like to. Being aware of this and having an extra pair of eyes and ears in Jess means we do feel a little more on top of things than previous projects.