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It's all easy!

Does is have to be this hard?

Filming is now well underway, with just over half complete.

We've had many upsets on the way, with actresses in tears, mixed up dates, cast dropping out, companies not returning our calls and really, really bad weather.

We've also had some excellent support from Cambridgeshire Police, Xscape in Milton Keynes, Medexpress and Hinchingbrooke Country Park

We anticipate finishing filming at the end of June, weather permitting, and then the editing, sound editing and music composing begins. Check out the gallery for pictures of the production so far.



Pro Boxer

Previous star, 'Tommy Martin' turns pro boxer.

Pro Boxer



The Letter - 5 star awards

The Letter wins 5 stars



Adult Cast Required

Channel 7 latest Production ‘Just Friends’ requires adult actors.

Channel 7 film club are holding an informal script read through on 18th April 2012 from about 7.30pm to 9pm at Ernulf Academy in the sixth form centre. If you wish to try out for a part, please come along and we’ll get people to read through different characters to see where they might be suited best. This will be filmed and we will then review the tapes made on the evening and then decide who we wish to play our parts from the people that turn up.

We are looking for a number of onscreen and off screen characters listed below with filming dates:

Telephone operator(999) 8/06/2012
An emergency(999) call taker voice 8/06/2012
Father of 12 year old girl 7/06/2012: 23/06/2012: 29/06/2012
Mother of 12 year old girl 7/06/2012: 16/06/2012: 23/06/2012: 29/06/2012
Father of 12 year old boy 7/06: 9/06: 29/06/2012
Paramedic 8/06/2012: 9/06/2012
Neighbour 16/06/2012
Police officer 06/06/2012: 23/06/2012

Extras non speaking – mother of 12 year old boy 9/06/2012
Bus passengers 6/06/2012
Ambulance medics 9/06/2012
Extra police 9/06/2012

The dates are weekends and over the June half term. Rehearsals will probably be a couple of weds but we may be able to be flexible to Tuesdays.



5 Stars!

The Letter has just won 5 stars at the IAC British International Film Competition 2012 along with a special recognition award from Carin Music Productions.

The film will be shown at the fesitval in April and is also eligible for the Best British Movie to be announced at the festival.

This is what the judges said:-

Round 1

The success of this delightful film was in keeping the audience guessing until the last moment and telling a very poignant story in two minutes.

Brevity was the keynote with not a frame too long and accompanied with delightfully appropriate music this film was a joy to watch and the revelation at the end when we saw very briefly, but long enough, that the girl’s leukaemia was in remission and with tears in her eyes, made it a most heart warming moment.

Everything was right about this film with smooth tracking shots, excellent differential focus, the colours in the girl’s room and her hand hovering uncertainly over the letter that she knew was about her addressed to the parent or guardian.

We have seen very few films that didn’t evoke some comment about a weakness but your film was an exception.

Congratulations on your 5 Star award. We certainly look forward with interest to seeing more work from you.

Judging Panel:

Tom Hardwick FACI
Rob Day FACI
Ron Prosser FACI

Round 2

The photography and camerawork were very well controlled with an economy of style which makes the viewer concentrate on the story line. The fact that there was no dialogue meant that filming and particularly the acting had to carry the plot.

The young girl acted beautifully throughout the film.
There were some interesting variable focus introductory shots which set the scene.
The introduction to the letter led to some questions. Would the child have had access to it? Would she have opened it since it was addressed to her guardians?
We also felt that the letter was not held long enough to be read by the audience, although its importance was evident from the girl’s acting.

The tension which had been generated up to then was maintained during the walk to the park, for the peace and solitude the girl needed in which to open the letter.

The relief and joy on the girl’s face was very well captured.
At that stage, where it becomes clear that the girl is in remission from leukaemia, a few more close-ups of the girl’s face would have accentuated the apprehension and subsequent relief.

The tearful end and the girls acting throughout was good enough to recommend her for consideration for the Best Acting award, despite having no dialogue.

She would certainly have got it for best reacting.

This was a very competent film, extremely well acted, with a good choice of music and great economy of style. The storyline was slight but very powerful.
We had no hesitation in recommending it for consideration for the Club Award. We wish you luck.

Judging Panel.

Peter Dobing FACI
Mike Shaw FACI