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Wednesday, 20+ people come along for the auditions for the lead roles of Charlie and Jordan. I was blown away with the quality of all the auditionees and it made for a very difficult evening for Darren and myself yesterday, when we had to go through the footage and choose between all the hopefuls. We felt that each and everyone would have bought their own specialness to the roles which didn’t help when we had to make our decision. Throughout the evening we looked at learnt and read scripts, role playing and how each person looked and would look next to another.

Eventually after a long period of time (and yes i did miss most of the Manchester United game!) we decided on Lewis and Sophie who counterbalanced each other in terms of look and had good up-close profiles with the camera. Their hard work starts now in terms of learning and rehearsing the script. Well done to you both.

Our next task is to go through the cast and minor roles and try and match these up, then invite people to be in those particular scenes.

A good weeks work but I am feeling a little scared as the deadlines for shooting are much closer than I thought and we have so much to do!!

By the way. How do people feel about Channel 7 being on Twitter as well?



Just Friends

'Just Friends' is the new working title for our previously named 'Trapped'.

We are still not completely settled on the title, but this one definitely suits the film a little more. Often the final title is not confirmed until editing is over... Some months away yet!

Audition preperations are well underway now and are eagerly awaiting next Wednesday March 7th, to begin the process of finding actors for our roles.



Ex Channel 7 star on TV

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Saffron Hill

An interesting evening with Dave of Cre8ive Music and ‘The Saffron Hill’ discussing filming the band doing a ‘live’ performance for a demo video to send out to promoters.

Looks like we will be using 4/5 cameras and needing some camera people to assist. Let us know!! This is our way of thanking Dave for all his support in creating the music for our last few films. Going to an interesting day filming and subsequent editing.

We also managed, when we got back to go over some of the tasks for ‘Trapped’. Unbelievable what is needed to be done.

Here goes and it is far from incomplete:-

Meeting with Paul our technical advisor to discuss techy stuff
What crew do we need?
Audition publicity
Adult Auditions

Check out couple of professional actors for coaching sessions

And who ever thought making films was easy. All the above and much more are needed to go anywhere near a successful final film. If you ever look at the credits at the end of a film it all begins to make sense. In a professional film they have a team for each of those jobs!! With us it’s just me and Darren. Anyone want to support? You will be welcome.




Lindsay and I met this week to discuss the pre-production for the forthcoming production. Still with no real definite title!

We used our trusty old Access Database to carefully work out roughly how long each scene would take to film and then slowly we built up a list of scenes to film on what day and then we scheduled the days in. Perfect. 8 days in total, with different people being required on different days, but the main boy and girls filming will be filmed during the week of the long bank holiday. So if you’re interested in these parts you must be available then.

We now need to finalise the cast list, work out what is required for the auditions and then publicise. So much to do… We ought to do a budget, find props, police/ambulances, etc a bus… errr... and locations too, more on that in the next few weeks.

In the meantime if you fancy being involved in any way, cast or crew register your interest at Filming will take place from 6th June to 9th June plus odd weekends/evenings.