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Just Friends now on-line

You can now watch 'Just Friends', our production for 2012.



Casting - The results

On Wednesday evening we held auditions for our latest production which will be used as part of our website update later in the year. We had a slightly lower turn out than normal, but are now targeting people who are genuinely interested and have some sort of experience. It can be quite a shock as to the amount of effort involved if you've never done it before.

The five hopefuls were all very talented and it was good to have a choice rather than taking the best of a bad bunch as has happened in previous years.

As the evening went on we found it harder and harder to make a choice. All had something different to bring to the roles. Some were better at presenting and some were better at acting, and we were looking for two people that could do both.

After much discussion we decided to cast Tom Howard and Chloe Anderson. Congratulations to them both.

Casting - The results


Da Vinci's Demons

Viewers to a new show 'Da Vinci's Demons' on the 'Fox' channel, may recognise one of the main stars 'Gregg Chillin' as a previous Channel 7 member. Gregg's new role sees him playing Zoraster in this big budget TV series.

Also two previous crew members to Channel 7, Matthew Hains and Duncan Birnie also worked on the show.

Da Vinci's Demons


Just Friends wins award

Last years production, Just Friends has just won a 4 star award at the IAC International Film and Video Competition and will be screened at the IAC's festival in April 2013.

Darren Lalonde, producer said "We are really pleased with the result. It really came together in the end"



Premiere Update

On Saturday December 8th we held our first ever screening of one of our productions in the Cinema.

We premiered our latest production Just Friends along with some other past productions to an invited audience of around 40 people.

Lindsay Townley said, "It was great to see our work on such a big screen. This was the first time I'd actually seen the finished film and thought it was pretty good."

The leading actress Sophie Purdie was not present at the screening as she was too nervous, but Darren Lalonde said, "I might be biased but, the film has turned out rather well considering the challenges we had and Sophie should be proud, she gave a good performance."

The film has now been sent off to the British International Amateur Film Festival and we expect the results back in early Spring.

Check out some photos of the event.

Premiere Update