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Half way

After many evenings work, editing has now progressed to just over half way of the script (approximately 14 minutes).  The second half is the slightly more interesting as the story starts to unfold.

At this stage the editing is quite rough in places and hardly any work has been done on the sound, so it isn’t the perfect piece yet.

It is important to have a rough cut to then decide how to pace of the film.  Once you get a feel for the film you can then go back and tidy up.  This often takes longer than the rough cut.

Whilst the next half is being edited we are beginning to think about the sound track and where this might go,  hopefully we can begin work on that in parallel, so we can get it finished in time for those important film competition deadlines.

Half way


Slow progress

So after a couple of weeks break, Editing has started.  

This is the point where you realise you have/haven't got all the footage you need or it would have been better if we'd have done this or that, etc.  The editors job is to work with what we recorded for better or worse.  All good fun.  It's like one big jigsaw puzzle, except many pieces fit!  

So far we've completed around 2 minutes of rough cut out of apprimately 30 minutes.  So just around another 28 evenings of work to go... 

It's looking good so far, time will tell how things progress...

Slow progress



It has recently come to our attention that one of our productions has been illegally copied to another You Tube channel and as a result You Tube has now taken appropriate action against the channel in question.

All our recent productions are available on You Tube

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Anyone who would like to share our work is free to do so using the links above.






Interviews Complete

After a long 5 days, we have now captured all the footage of the police station interviews, approximately 95% of the film.

Filming at times was long and hard especially as one of the scenes is about 9 minutes long.  The cast and crew performed brilliantly and I think we were all getting tired by the end of the week.  

It's nice to know that we have the majority of footage in the can so to speak, but now the long and complicated editing task begins, trying to make sense of all the angles and repeats and where to take sound from etc.

We have a couple of bits more of filming to do before we can put the camera to rest.  

It will be an interested few months seeing how it all comes together.



Interviews Complete


Filming Update

We are now past the half way of filming and touch wood things have been going well.  Filming has run so far to time and have only had to re-shoot 3 shots so far, so we are on target to finish the majority of the filming on Friday all being well.

The days have been quite long and at times it has all felt a little repetitive but our cast and crew have performed brilliantly and allowed us to progress at great speed, averaging 8 minutes of script a day!  The only downside has been that we haven't been able to get the moving shots we would have liked.  Maybe we can squeeze some in at the end of the week.

The story has started to build now as we're filming in sequence and have been moved to tears myself watching the superb acting from Leah Nicholson, who should be immensely proud of her performances.  This wouldn't have been possible without the equally excellent performance from Jim Henson and the two supporting artists Paul Goldstraw and Edwin Kilby.   A great days filming and cant wait to see the story progress the rest of the week.



Filming Update