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David Robins

David Robins

The Choice (2022)
Sebastian and Me (2016)
Water's Edge (2014)
The Letter (2011)
The Next Life (2011)
The Memory Partnership (2009)
One Red Balloon (2007)
Truth (2006)

Dave lives in Eynesbury St Neots.

I cried watching: Terms of Endearment

I laughed watching during: South Park: The Movie

I left the cinema during: Training Day - only because I'd gone into the wrong screen - was meant to be in Lord of The Rings!

Actors I admire: Dame Judi Dench, Dame Maggie Smith, Leonardo Di Caprio, Sir Ian McKellen

My death row meal would be: Roast Dinner

The best thing I own is: My music gear

Favourite book: Birdsong - Sebastian Faulkes

Words: Purple, Bubble, Convivial

Place: Las Vegas

Animal: Cat

Colour: Blue

Star sign: Virgo