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This week's rehearsal went really well! We finally have a full cast!!! With lines being learnt, we can really start getting in touch with the characters emotions. It's a strong storyline, but without strong actors, it's all pointless.

All in all, a very exciting and challenging evening. We've let our main cast in on a few tricks of the trade! With only a few weeks to go, we'll be keeping you up to date with all things! Stay tuned!!



Rehearsal Number 1

After writing for six month and then casting the major roles, we have started to rehearse and prepare the actors for filming in August. 

Yesterday evening we had a successful read-through of the script. It’s great to see the characters slowly coming to life.  There is still much work to do, but a great start.  It’s only when it is read aloud that you find some bits work well and some do not.  This is the time the actors can add their own personalities to the words.  Once we’ve read through it a few times more  in the next week or so, we then fix the script in stone so the actors can then go off an learn it.  This will then allow then to make it their own and should make for more interesting rehearsals.

There is also a huge amount of pre-production work to do, location hunting, props making/finding, costume designing as well as casting the smaller parts and finding suitable crew, and still doing the day job.

More next week


Rehearsal Number 1


Main Cast Auditions

On Monday night we held the very first covid safe auditions. It was a new way of doing things. Everyone had to be tested before arrival but I must admit, it was nice to see everyone after writing this entire film over video call!


Safety out the way and the evening proceeded. The idea was to see how each candidate would look alongside our mother character. With such an intense story, it's imperative that the audience gets a feel for the strong bond between mother and daughter.

Each of the girls we auditioned were brave, professional and extremely talented.

It was a pleasure to watch them all. However there is only one part available and we have made our decision. It's our pleasure to welcome Zoe as our main character Ellie. Zoe brings a relatability to the character, that we're sure will pull at your heartstrings when you see the final product.

Well done Zoe! Next week we'll begin with a full table read and rehearsals each week. Stay tuned for weekly updates!

Main Cast Auditions


First response

Last night's meeting we discussed feedback from a reader and discussed how rubbish Jess is because she didn't read it... But all that aside, the feedback received was no different to the discussions that Darren and myself had when writing it.

It's difficult to have the full freedom of imagination when actually you're a small town company who mostly do this for fun and gratification.

For instance, without access to a soundstage or set designer, you might not see a period film set on Mars coming from us any time soon....

But that doesn't mean we don't have different ideas we want to convey. In our current story we use letters as a method of contact. Obviously few people write letters anymore but they are genuine form of communication and I wanted to use that over the impersonal, modern email.

However we then have to justify why were using letters and ensure that this comes across in the film. It's not enough to say "well I just wanted to use letters" the characters have to want to use letters too. And in the modern day... WHY do people want to use letters.. With all this in our minds it was a tough one last night. But we hope you enjoy the story when we get to show you!

First response


First Draft Complete

After four months of mostly 2 hour weekly meetings we have our finished first draft. 

We now have the task of checking it though, checking we’ve tied up everything and checking if it all makes sense.  It’s easy as writers to assume something is written on a page especially after you’ve had a long conversation about it to find out you didn’t commit it to paper.

We spent over an hour on the last piece of dialogue, trying to get the right words.  Eventually a niggly little sentence was swapped round and suddenly all came good.


First Draft Complete