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Love Can Change it All

Written By Chris Hacking
Running Time 25
Suggested Certificate PG

Love Can Change it all is a drama about teenaged love and the effect it has on a group of 6 teenagers. Danny (Adrian Shevlane) falls in love with Hannah (Cherrie Gorman) but makes a mess of asking her out from advice given by his friends brother Chris (Chris Hacking). After messing it up he asks his sister Debbie (Katie Johnson) for advice. Both Danny and Hannah go out on a date and feel very awkward about the situation and eventually kiss each other good night.

The film concentrates on the relationships between Hannah and Danny and the effects it has on their friends, Matt (Stuart Hicks), Neil (John Holman), David (Chris Frost) and Rachel (Rachel Owen). Rachel and David split up after a short relationship, Neil doesn’t know whether or not he should ask Rachel out and Matt doesn’t know what he wants.

If you ever have been in love you will almost certainly identify with one of the characters, filmed in voice-over style a well written drama which likens love to a pizza. Love is like a pizza, you choose the bit you want but by the time you try and pick it up, someone else has already taken it.




IAC International Film and Video Festivals (BIAFF)

1997 Gold