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Cast Opportunities


We are currently casting for our latest production, ‘Why Me' and are looking for male and female actors to play various small roles.

What is the film about
'Why Me' is an emotive short film that looks at the death of the only parent in a single parent family and the choice the daughter (12) has in choosing a new family.

How many parts are there?
There are 2 main characters which have already been cast and various small roles - see below.

When will rehearsal be?
There will be 1 or 2 rehearsals between in July/August on a Monday evening

When will it be filmed?
Filming will take place over 1 day during 14th/15th or 21st August - Role/weather dependant

Do I get paid?
No, Channel 7 is a voluntary run skills & training organisation everyone gives their time for free.

What are the fees?
There is no fee to take part, everyone gives their time for free.

Further details about Channel 7
More details about channel7, our past work, testimonials, etc. can be found on the website.
If you have never been in a film before and or want to know what to expect from Channel7 then please review How we do it


Reporter - Female, aged 25 to 50
Works for local newspaper. Interviews main characters for their newspaper

Ruth - Female, aged 35 to 55
Married to Carl, has two boys. Lives on a farm, works in the farm shop and always wanted a girl.

Carl - Male, aged 40 to 55
Married to Ruth. Manages the farm, supports Ruth. Well off.

Paul - Male, aged 30 to 50
Lives in London with his partner Chris. They have been in a relationship for 6 years. Works as a graphic designer for a marketing company

Chris - Male, aged 30 to 45
Partner to Paul. Works in the theatre industry

Joanne - Female, aged 35 to 45
Is a schoolteacher and recently lost her daughter in an accident.

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Closing date - 4th July 2021

If you are interested in this role please see our how to get involved page.
14 people have applied so far.