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They say "find something you love and you'll never work a day in your life"...

Well today I had to go on a merry go round, eat fish & chips, go to the amusement arcade and play crazy golf... All in the name of filmmaking!

It wasn't all fun and games though... The day was long: starting early, filming some internal scenes, before heading to the beach which will become a montage.

Battling the sea for a good sound take proved difficult and it wouldn't be a British summer without some rain to end the day!

But this is what we do! And we love it!

But please ask me again at the end of the week how bad my arms ache..



Getting there

This week we tackled another set of scenes in our Rehearsals.  All is progressing nicely.  We expect rehearsals to have their ups and downs and this is the time to explore the characters, make mistakes, and try things out already for when filming starts. 

There are a few more weeks to go and a few more scenes to go through until we actually start filming so there is still time to get those all-important lines learnt  and to get the scenes blocked as best as possible.

We’ve discussed costumes, hair and make-up, we have got all our cast sorted, we have all our locations in place and appropriate licences and risk assessments done.  All we have to do now is concentrate on the props, and teach Jess how to do sound and we’ll be ready to go.

Getting there



This week's rehearsal went really well! We finally have a full cast!!! With lines being learnt, we can really start getting in touch with the characters emotions. It's a strong storyline, but without strong actors, it's all pointless.

All in all, a very exciting and challenging evening. We've let our main cast in on a few tricks of the trade! With only a few weeks to go, we'll be keeping you up to date with all things! Stay tuned!!



Rehearsal Number 1

After writing for six month and then casting the major roles, we have started to rehearse and prepare the actors for filming in August. 

Yesterday evening we had a successful read-through of the script. It’s great to see the characters slowly coming to life.  There is still much work to do, but a great start.  It’s only when it is read aloud that you find some bits work well and some do not.  This is the time the actors can add their own personalities to the words.  Once we’ve read through it a few times more  in the next week or so, we then fix the script in stone so the actors can then go off an learn it.  This will then allow then to make it their own and should make for more interesting rehearsals.

There is also a huge amount of pre-production work to do, location hunting, props making/finding, costume designing as well as casting the smaller parts and finding suitable crew, and still doing the day job.

More next week


Rehearsal Number 1


Main Cast Auditions

On Monday night we held the very first covid safe auditions. It was a new way of doing things. Everyone had to be tested before arrival but I must admit, it was nice to see everyone after writing this entire film over video call!


Safety out the way and the evening proceeded. The idea was to see how each candidate would look alongside our mother character. With such an intense story, it's imperative that the audience gets a feel for the strong bond between mother and daughter.

Each of the girls we auditioned were brave, professional and extremely talented.

It was a pleasure to watch them all. However there is only one part available and we have made our decision. It's our pleasure to welcome Zoe as our main character Ellie. Zoe brings a relatability to the character, that we're sure will pull at your heartstrings when you see the final product.

Well done Zoe! Next week we'll begin with a full table read and rehearsals each week. Stay tuned for weekly updates!

Main Cast Auditions