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Filming Day 2

Another successful evenings filming is now in the can as they say (on a memory card these days).

We had to re-shoot one shot from the week before due to a problem with the angle, luckily the light levels were similar and were able to manoeuvre vehicles in the background to allow us to match from the week before.

We also filmed our car cut aways from the previous weeks scenes completing the filming for those scenes.

We then filmed our last scene in that location.  We didn’t manage to film everything we had planned due to the light fading but have enough to complete.  

Sound at this location has proved very tricky due to traffic noise and air conditioning hum.  Hopefully we can filter some of these out at the editing stage.

We now have one more rehearsal before people go on their summer holidays, the majority of the filming is then planned for mid-August.

Filming Day 2



Yesterday was our first day of actual filming! Hopefully something made the cut. We had our extras on set too. Those who haven't filmed before will learn that a single camera film can get quite repetetive but it will all make sense in the end. Filming won't be done in order so it will be a bit like pieces of a puzzle. I'm excited to see the final picture! Also a massive thank you to our extras last night, we look forward to seeing you in August!



Production Meeting

Good meeting tonight in the absence or our actors where practical planning in terms of nailing down locations to scenes, equipment for each scene, and camera shots all came under close scrutiny.

It’s all coming together with the only fear being inclement weather. Some contingency put in place but a week of rain will make it very challenging as there are a lot of outdoor scenes in this film. But that won’t happen will it?

We are still after a sound man so if anyone knows anyone who is interested in learning a bit of the technical side of filming point them to us. Some of our previous technical people are now working within the industry very successfully.

Production Meeting



This week's rehearsal focused on the three main scenes. I got our actors to actually use the space and to kind of space out the scene. I found that although the "staging" and movement aspect will change when we get on location, having them physically moving helped set the pace of their speech.

We did this with the first scene and the last scene as they're the ones that really can leave a lasting impression.

Getting closer to filming now, it's all a bit exciting!



More rehearsing

During the last few weeks we have been busy rehearsing the script, making sure the delivery of the lines are how we want them.

It has been an interesting journey so far watching the actors develop the characters and I think we’re nearly there with the delivery. 

As a lot of the film is on the move in over 20 locations it is difficult to rehearse in an empty room, but from the rough planning we’ve done so far it is all coming together nicely.

We are also getting to grips with the equipment and are feeling a little bit more confident in what we are doing.

We just need a sound recordist and lighting person to complete the team… Anyone interested?


More rehearsing