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Leah Nicholson

Leah Nicholson

Believe (2020)
Significant Witness (2018)
Significant Witness (2018)
Sebastian and Me (2016)

I was born in cambridge and have two younger brothers, Charlie and Thomas. I like performing, particularly singing and dancing and one of my favourite songs to sing is 'songbird' by Eva Cassidy as it was my baby song which calmed me down when crying! I go to a performing arts school which I love and always want to be on the go!

I cried watching: 'The fault in our stars'

Actors I admire: Lindsay Lohan from Mean Girls and Shailene Woodley from The fault in our stars.

My death row meal: Steak, medium rare, followed by a box of Ferrero Rocher and pancakes with a pot of nutella, maybe two!

The best thing I own: my Iphone.

My favourite place: Florida.

My favourite animal: Dolphin

My favourite colour Aqua.

My star sign: Libra.