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Written By Darren Lalonde & Lindsay Townley
Running Time 38
Suggested Certificate PG

Set in the current year, Kerry a 12-13 year old girl arrives home from school to find her parents have vanished. After wondering where they are for a while, hoping and praying they return, she has to face the reality that they may never return.

After a few weeks staying with friends Kerry is eventually taken into care by social services. She is placed with a warm and loving foster family, who try their best to look after her needs, however the shock and trauma from not know what happened to her parents, and the nagging question of why leaves her emotionally unstable.

Having no friends at her new school, she quickly gets drawn in by the wrong crowd and finds herself in all kinds of trouble, while trying to come to terms with her situation.

Eventually after suffering a few set backs she comes to realise that although her foster parents aren't her own parents, they do care for her and together they help to set on the right track for the future.


Policeman 1
Kevin Wallace
Policeman 2
Gary Webb
Rachel's Mum
Rosemary Huckle



IAC International Film and Video Festivals (BIAFF)

2003 Best Acting Award (Elen Wales)
2003 Gold

Guernsey Lily International Film & Video Festival

2003 6th Place
2003 Best Acting Performance (Elen Wales)