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The Dream Life of Angels

Written By Angus Sneddon & Terry Newman
Running Time 14
Certificate U

A boys struggle to come to terms with his elder sister's death. During a dream Matthew meets an angel who attempts to help him come to term's with his fears.

Producer, Terry Newman said "The cast and crew have been excellent and I've enjoyed working on the project so far, although next time I would tackle things a little differently, learning from the experience of this project. I am also amazed at how kind people are in allowing us into there homes and onto their property whilst filming "Dream Life of Angels". We are really grateful for the support given to us by the parents of the young people involved. The are a really great crowd. "

"One thing I have learned on this project is to try not to involve the use of artificial lighting, shadows are a nightmare. I also now understand how Darren goes slightly crazy in trying to arrange cast and crew to be at the same place and at the same time, this started as a quite small production, but it seems to have grown, and it does seem to take quite a lot of time in trying to get things organised. A producers jobs is often a thankless one at times."