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Artistic License

Just before Christmas last year we met for an improvisation session to learn more about our characters and interactions and to try and get some realistic dialogue. 

Unfortunately the evening did not progress as well as we’d hoped in terms of actual dialogue but it has told us a lot about our characters and some areas we need to work on.

Since then we have met for our first script writing session of the year and have a new member of the writing team, Jess Morphew, to help us. 

We discussed many things and even found time to write the first scene!  Discussions were had around our male character as we weren’t happy with his character and a long discussion on whether or not our first scene would really happen.  In the end we weren’t sure but went with artistic license.

Artistic License


Next Phase

The story has now been completed and sorted into scenes and character profiles have now been finalised ready for our improvisation session towards the end of the year.

Lindsay and I have created a rough outline of the scenes and will feed information to the actors about the sort of thing we want to see and record what happens.  We will only tell them the information that is necessary so that they too do not know where the story is heading.

This allows the actors to explore their characters and for them to question each other about the events along the way, hopefully leading to more natural flow and set of dialogue. 

This also helps us to see if the characters, events, etc. work before spending hours scripting the dialogue.



Next Phase



Well it has finally happened! The story is complete and we have a beginning, middle and end! The foundations have been laid! There is a good deal of satisfaction in getting to this point and starting to prepare for the next phase of which there are so many on the journey of producing a film.

With Darren on ‘holiday’ next week we are taking a week off with some homework to independently find representations of the scenes as stills from films so we can start discussing locations styles and so forth. On his return we plan to pull the story into scenes to give to our potential cast to improvise around. (If you two are out there reading this wait for the call/email to set up a session before Christmas!)

We have also discussed some potential locations for some of the scenes so initial contacts will also be made in the near future.

Now it is you, our esteemed supporters, turn to help if you can. Rehearsal space can be very expensive and on the club’s very limited funds this can be a huge problem. If any of you know anywhere locally that is suitable for this at minimal or preferably no cost, please get in touch.



Process of elimination

The story is now progressing after stumbling a little for the last couple of weeks.

When writing the story there could have been many routes to the conclusion of the film and we have been gradually eliminating them due to impracticalities, believing our characters wouldn't behave like that or just thinks that would’t make sense.

Now that a lot of the routes have been eliminated it has given a clearer path to the conclusion. There are still some forks in the road to decide on, but we are getting ever closer to the end.

And once we have the fully mapped out story we can begin to fill in the gaps in the character profiles, before polishing off the story and then scripting the dialogue.  Still much to do.

Process of elimination


Further progress

So two weeks and sessions on from our last update and we have progress to report. 

The whole film revolves round an incident that occurred in the past(note the crypticism here!). In order to write about our characters’ journey we needed to be clear on this event which, at first thoughts was plain and simple but actually required a lot of detailed discussion for the pieces to fit together.

So, two weeks later we are about there, having explored every angle including Hindu and Buddhist philosophies as well as some very odd views on spirituality. No clues here!

In other news we have approached 2 potential cast members who, we are delighted to announce, have agreed to work on the script with us through improvisation sessions. If all gels and works out we would hope to use them in the actual film.

Further progress