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Which Angle

Both Lindsay and I worked on the script last night. The story is being gradually turned into a time line with scenes.

We checked with a local police officer the likely hood of our script and the times things would happen. It is clear at this stage the title will probably change.

We are contemplating the level of information to give away to the audience about the boys disappearance. We were going to run two stories in parallel but it now feels that we ought to have more of the girls story.

The story could be told from many angles, the police (police man hunt),the boy (127 hours - will I be found), the parents (missing child), but we have settled on a more reflective approach from the girls point of view and how her actions may of contributed to the story and the fact she blames herself.

We have a few issues to solve as our timeline runs for 24 hours and talking to the police (which is reassuring) a child would usually be found with the use of a helicopter or dogs much quicker. We may have to employ artistic license, but time will tell.

From a production side the cast list seems to be growing as does the need for police vehicles.

Progress is being made and I hope we will be on to writing scenes in the new couple of weeks.




Well we have had our first meeting since the summer holidays to take forward the initial ideas of our new film. Working title is trapped and involves a lad who falls off a rope swing in a wood when he is on his own and the ensuing issues of trying to locate him. As usual we talked all around the houses and went of on many tangents talking about films we had seen and linking them into where we wanted the plot to go.

Looking like 2 main characters boy and girl age about 13 with parents police etc as extra. I am going to look into how much a bus will cost to hire as we feel one scene on a bus will add a new dimension to the story and our filming experience.

Date for filming is looking like next summer half term as I am already committed to our summer holiday away over the first 2 weeks of the school holiday.

It’s always good to catch up and a pleasant evening accompanied by real coffee was had.



X-Factor Boot Camp

Matt Stringer

Previous cast member, Matt Stringer got a ticket to bootcamp after receiving three yeses from Simon, Cheryl and Louis at the London auditions last month. Watch him perform a megamix of Lady GaGa’s songs below:




Work on our next production, Trapped began this month. I am sure the title will change over time (they usually do) but it gives us a focus and sums up the current proposed story line.

As with all productions we usually aim to achieve or learn something along the way. Sometimes we've wanted to tackle a social issue or sometimes we've wanted to use a certain technique and this production is no different.

Our production, The Letter, helped us learn more about current film making techniques (moving camera) and how to tell a story without dialogue (a picture tells a thousand words). We also hope to use some of the lessons learnt with The Next Life (character development) in this production too.

We now have an initial outline for our story, which revolves around a boy and girl aged 11-13. The story is mainly told from the girls point of view however there will be some flashbacks to aid the story making process.

The Next steps will be to turn this story into a script, whilst building various lists, visiting potential locations and preparing a budget.

This year we hope to release progress updates in the form of mini documentaries, scripting, casting, shooting, editing, etc to form a making of video at the end of the process. If you would like to have a go at making one of these for us please get in touch via our contact us page.

Darren Lalonde