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So close

So close to the end! Another busy and non-stop session with the final scene rounding up the plot almost complete. The final twist has been worked out but whether to put it in the main bulk of the Film, as credits roll or even as the currently popular post credits clip is under discussion. What do you, as reader of this, think? Feedback and let us know.

We are also wondering whether it is too wordy for a film script. As it has been written from an improvisation using an ex policeman we feel confident in its authenticity and also as reading it through in its generation of emotion. It feels about 30 minutes long so our question is, will it engage the audience in this style all the way through?

To check this we will print it out and read it through before going through and making any necessary changes. A semi proof read by easily distracted individuals may help so we are using our younger children to gauge the feel.

Week off next week due to other commitments and a return after that to hopeful amend and be ready for a cast read through and further tweaks.

So close


Where are the facts?

This week we held another session converting improvised dialogue from two different session into actual scripted dialgoue.  

Our two improvisation sessions had two completely different feels and styles to them and deciding which direction to persue at times has been challenging.  

Origionally we scripted a back story which contained all the events and during improvisation some of these have been lost so we're having to decide what bits to keep and which to drop so we can keep the facts together and a choerent story moving forward whithout sounding like it is scripted and making various clues along the way too obvious.  Easy!

One more session should see the bulk of the script finished, we hope!


Where are the facts?


It feels like it is working

Another mind frying evening trying to extract script from two improvisation transcriptions and create a seamless story ensuring subtle nuances and plot twists are covered!  But it feels like it is working!  We both feel that we have a good story and are telling it in a challenging and different way.

Scene 4 is now written so about half way through and pausing on a significant development. The problem with writing in the way we are is that there is a constant need to revisit what has been written to make sure clues and hints are covered and that we are not repeating ourselves too much.  We are also mindful of the need to use repetition as a technique both as an interview in the storyline and also as a story telling technique (ask us about destroying the ring if you require further explanation!) 

We also spent some time at the end of our session discussing filming techniques having enjoyed a real mix of styles at last weeks St Neots Film Festival.  Something that has made us question our style and what we could use in this film to developer or at least experiment with a different way of filming as well as our current different way of writing.

All in all a good evenings work with good progression and feeling positive.

It feels like it is working


St Neots Film Festival

We're pleased to announce that two of our films, 'The Letter' and 'Sebastian & Me' will  be shown at the St Neots Film Festival, at Cineworld St Neots on Monday 7th November 6-9pm

We've also had the privilege of having helped judge the Children's section of the competition.

Well done to who have entered.



St Neots Film Festival



At last we've started to put dialogue to our scenes!  

This week we have been trying to make sense of all the transcribed material and turn it into dialogue.  Our scene boundaries were not very clear in either transcript and have been juggling things around as to not give too much away too early but give just enough to keep interest  and the story flowing.  

All in all a lot harder than we hoped, but things are now coming together.