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Transcript Complete

This week we have finished up transcribing our improvisation sessions and now have them all safely documented.  

We now have the long task of studying what was actually said to see if it fits with in our story.  We will then re-arrange everything to suit, fix up any missing information and shorten bits that are too long or miss the point.

It is pleasing there is so much good material to use.

More discussions were had on the ending and I think we're slowly piecing it together.  Our last improvisation session left us feeling the film was an anti climax so are still looking to strengthen the ending.


Transcript Complete



This week we have been working on more transcribing of the script from the two improvisation sessions that we have held.  While quite a boring task, it does get us familiar with the language styles being used by both characters and feel that we’re learning more each time we listen to it.

Although no official dialogue has been written, the transcripts will certainly form the basis of what we use.

It has been interesting to see the amount of repetition that is used by the actors, and if we had written it from scratch I feel we would not have achieved this. 

The pauses also play a huge role in the tension of the script and it feels at times it is all about what is not said that gives it its impact.



Pushing Our Boundaries

Getting there!

Well in two weeks we have gone from a broad outline of scenes to having a filmed dialogue improvisation and each scene transcribed ready for tweaking. We reintroduced Laura into the fold as a second detective and saw Jim and Leah exploring the emotions and responses for all the different twists in the tale.

The idea of writing the script in this way seemed crazy when we started but the natural dialogue which included pauses and natural usage of the English language 'warts and all' has generated a very real watch.  It will be very interesting if this style is embraced by audiences when the film gets released.  (Note to self - look up if and how this has been used by anyone else.  Are there any films out using this technique?)

It certainly feels emotional and engenders an edge of the seat sense for both Darren and I as we work on it.  Next step is to work the second improvisation footage into the first transcription and ensure all our objectives in terms of twists and plot inclusions are included and overt(or otherwise)  enough.  

Darrren and I are looking at meeting once a week to fine tune, get a script and then re-introduce it to the actors to fine tweak and see if all works at this stage.  The whole project seems to be working but also feels a huge risk as it is so different in so many ways to what we have done before. - All one location, Script created through improvisation and a challenging story which is dependent on very strong actors to carry of the emotional turns.

I love breaking new ground and pushing our boundaries!

Pushing Our Boundaries


We now have an ending!

Traditional story/script writing suggest you plan your story so you have a beginning middle and end, before you dive in to writing anything.  Whilst we didn't have a clear ending with this script, we did always have an ending in mind. This week we have structured our scenes a little more and finally decided who the murderer is.

In the next week or so we will tidy up what we've written ready for our next improvisation session with the actors.  This will hopefully flesh out any potential flaws and help get a more natural feel to any dialogue we write after the session.

You never know we may even get the completed script finished by Christmas!

We now have an ending!


Getting there!

We have had a very productive evening tonight with some real flesh being added to our script. Jim Henson, our police advisor and actor, has been helping with pointers on correct procedures and suggestions which has given rise to a number of twists and additions to the original plan. All very vague but no spoilers from us! We hope to have another improvisation in a couple of weeks to give more natural substance to the various stages of the plot.

It is really nice feeling to be so positive about a storyline and much of today's discussion took place at one of the locations, so a real feel for events could be incorporated to the plot. A bit different to our normal scripting style which hopefully will give more realism to the final production.

So far we have had weeks of talking about a plot which, with hindsight, has drifted a long way from our original 'spark'. Then putting some actors together in a scenario and allowing them to take the story where it feels natural with prompts at stages to keep them along the basic storyline. This was then woven into scenes after each character had their personalities constructed. The events of the story were then mapped so that the scenes could hang together (confusing that bit but the script involves the events being retold so it does work!)

The next stage is to work on the ending so we end up in the right place tying up all the plot lines. After that our second improvisation with a more defined structure than before should enable us with the help of our actors to get a more realistic script before we sit and get it all written down. A long process but one that will hopefully lead to a gripping and entertaining story.


Getting there!